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Founded with a dedication to customer service and satisfaction, Spivak Lighting has been providing quality lighting services to homes and businesses in the tri-state area since 1920. Our store, located in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, is beautifully decorated with several newly renovated showrooms designed to make shopping an interactive and informative experience. We offer both on-site and in-store lighting consultations for lighting layouts, fixture choices, ceiling fans, landscape lighting, recess lighting, tech lighting and much more. Spivak Lighting is also the only store in the northern New Jersey area that provides in-store professional lamp repairs.

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Updated lighting can make a huge impression on the overall appearance of your home. Even the smallest fixture can make a dramatic impact. At Spivak Lighting, our consultants are trained to help find the perfect accent or statement pieces for each room in your home. Read More


A little advance planning before you visit our store will facilitate your shopping experience and help our consultants meet your needs. Some questions to keep in mind include:

1. Ceiling Height: The higher your ceiling, the larger your fixture should be for maximum functionality and impact.

2. Room Size: In order for your fixture to properly light a room, it’s important that the light is the right size and scale for the room. Also, different techniques, such as layering, can be employed to create the ambiance you want.

3. Lighting Type: What do you want your fixture to do? Some common terms used for lighting are ambient, task, decorative, or accent. Each kind of lighting serves a different purpose, so knowing what you want from your fixture is key.

4. Finish Type: Almost all of the fixtures that we sell come in a variety of finishes and colors – from satin nickel to brass, we have it all. Knowing your own style and personal preferences before you shop will help us narrow down and pin-point your perfect product.

Most of all, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Sometimes you may have one fixture in mind, but a different style or size catches your mind. It’s okay to stray from your original intentions and try something more daring, more traditional, or more contemporary. We look forward to seeing you!

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